“Down the Islands – The Expedition of a Philatelist” by Joseph Abdo Sabga



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“An imaginary journey to far away places with strange sounding names”

Stamps maybe small, but they make a big impact. For generations, people have treasured stamps because nothing equals their combination of artistry, history, delight and surprise.

Come and take a trip down memory lane with me, a Philatelist, as I travel down the islands from Bermuda in the north to Guyana in the south, touring the Caribbean and collecting stamps.

Your fondest memories will be brought to life through these stunning stamps!

These stamps will transport you back in time with their vibrant, eye- catching designs and rich historical value. 

Down the Islands contains stamps from Joseph Abdo Sabga’s  expansive collection of painstakingly gathered stamps from each of the Caribbean islands. Joe has been lovingly collecting these paper gems since he was a boy and he is a true Philatelist. His love for philately inspired him to publish a book full to the brim with his precious stamps, leading you through a visual history of the Caribbean. Each stamp speaks a thousand words and they are little ‘good will ambassadors’ for the islands from which they originate. This book will appeal to stamp collectors, History enthusiasts, children and any one who loves to read about the Caribbean.

Get your copy and take a trip down memory lane!

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