“The Play Whe Diary of Dreams, Capriches and Charts” by Gérard A. Besson

The Bible for many Play Whe enthusiasts who want to “Make their mark today”!

This has been an all time bestseller in Trinidad and Tobago. Play Whe, traditionally known as “Whe Whe”, was brought to Trinidad by Chinese immigrants who enjoyed the ancient pastime which took the form of a numbers game played by persons who were heavily influenced by superstition, dreams, their own intuition and caprice. The symbol for Play Whe is a Chinaman jumbie, or a Chinapoo.

Over the years the game has evolved and absorbed the inherent creole culture of the islands, therefore acquiring words or “marks” like Jamette (#16), Crapaud (#13) and Corbeau (#11).

Originally called “The Diary of Dreams”, the Play Whe Diary of Dreams, Caprices and Charts is copyright to Gérard A. Besson and has been licensed by the National Lottery Control Board. It is now in its third revised edition, distributed by the NLCB.