“Meshing Global Policies to a Community Perspective” by bpTT

BP Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT) is a company with a concrete aspiration to deliver extraordinary business performance with a distinctively Trinidad and Tobago identity within the global BP Group.
bpTT embraces the business policies to which the BP group is committed; and the Nine Principles of the United Nations Global Compact which focus on human rights, labour and environment, and are correspondingly reflected in BP’s business policy. In fulfilling these commitments bpTT respects the rule of law, conducts its affairs in an ethical manner and is humane in its relationships, requiring even its service contractors and providers to do likewise. BP treats its employees fairly and without discrimination, and is fully committed to respecting the natural environment, working towards the goals of No Accidents, No Harm to People, No Damage to the Environment.
As this publication shows, bpTT has translated its policies and the Principles of the Global Compact from the global level to the national level, progressively incorporating them into the community level, where it tangibly demonstrates its corporate social responsibility by directly responding to the needs and concerns of the community as identified by them, during a series of consultations commissioned by the company.
This publication points to the most relevant aspects of our participatory approach with the community. It is a further demonstration of our company’s efforts to encourage a radical openness and transparency with the way we work, demonstrating our corporate social responsibility in particular to a rural community in Trinidad and Tobago.

– Robert Riley (President and CEO at time of publishing – 2003)