“Business is Good” by Alice Besson and Gillian Royes

The History of Canning’s and Company in the Caribbean
By Gillian Royes and Alice Besson

Starting at the turn of the 20th century, this story spans almost 100 years. It is a success story of a young man, Ernest Canning, who like so many came to Trinidad when it was still a British colony to make his fortune.

The entrepreneur built his life around “Canning and Company”, which started with a grocery store. Soon Canning’s developed into a respected firm comprising various manufacturing and service departments. Canning and Company is credited with introducing the modern concept of supermarkets into Trinidad and Tobago, having opened the first Hi-Lo branch in 1950.

At the turn of the 21st century, long after Ernest Canning’s death, the legacy of his company once more was focused on its intitial core business: grocery stores. Having divested of the other departments, Hi-Lo Foodstores carried the Canning’s torch into the 21st century.

This publication, written by Dr. Gillian Royes in 1991, and updated in 2000 by Alice Besson, was published by Hi-Lo Foodstores in commemoration of its 50th anniversary.