“Grenada: Fortitude and the Human Condition” by George Brizan

This eclectic pictorial gives a perspective on the life of Grenadians in the late 19th and to the end of the 20th century.

After an introduction by George Brizan and his daughter Kwamina, the reader will be taken on a photographic tour “back in time”. Many of the pictures tell stories about the social status of a person through  the architecture of the houses in the background, the clothes the subject wears, and through their activities or gestures that the camera captured.

Quotations from 19th century travelogues and from interviews with “old-time Grenadians” embellish the photographs of this island, giving us an insight into the human condition of multi-ethnic colonial societies. From the bloody Julien Fedon uprising in the late 18th century, to that of the 1980’s: Grenada’s romantic, tropical beauty seems to always have been the backdrop for the immense fortitude that her inhabitants have developed.