“Grenada In Wartime” by Beverly Steele


The Tragic loss of the Island Queen and other Memories of World War II

Beverley A. Steele’s Grenada in Wartime tells the collective story of what happened to the people of Grenada during World War II- their tragedies and remarkably resilient nature – in one steady breath. Steele acts as the voice of Grenada’s population as she records the experiences of Grenada during World War II – the sacrifices, the hardships, the strength, the compassion, the innovations, and the Grenadian strength of will to keep on going. Grenada in Wartime also documents an admirable response to national tragedy – the tragic loss of the Island Queen. No one can ignore the disasters and hard times in their history, but they can keep them close to their hearts while they continue to do what they have to do to keep the society moving forward.


Author: Beverley A. Steele
Illustrations by Xandra Fischer and Susan Mains

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