“Embracing Success” Series by Joy Kelshall

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This book introduces the supervisor as a “super-hero” in an effort to reinforce the amazing contribution her or she makes to the success of an organisation. It focuses on how supervisors, because of their strategic position in an organisation, can “develop people through work“.

‘Andragogy’ is the process of engaging adult learners and no one has mastered the art of teaching adults to embrace success quite like Joy Kelshall. She has a talent for making her thoughts and lessons come alive on paper and in this, the third book in her series of “Embracing Success…”, she provides the reader with more invaluable knowledge.



This book explores the concept that successful time management is simply a way of life. It is a continuous process of planning and organizing your time. This will involve your attitude and habits which will directly affect your ability to succeed. It includes:

– Definitions of time management
– Various established systems of time management
– Problems that occur resulting from one’s attitude and habits
– Planning & prioritizing tasks
– Delegating
– Time wasters
– Benefits

This book by Joy Kelshall will not only make you reconsider how you make use of your time in your daily life, but it will improve your overall productivity. Get your copy today!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.

The secret to embracing success in both our private and public lives is to adopt customer service as a principle. This philosophy will establish the base which forms the “habit” of consistently providing service “excellence”.

This book by Joy Kelshall reveals how this adoption can change our mindset and behaviour and cause us to soar to the pinnacles of success. It explores:
• The customer
• Customer service
• Expectations
• Dress & Grooming
• Business manners
• Skills for challenging customers
• Service skills and
• Benefits

It also reinforces the famous expression, “He profits most who serves best” (Arthur Sheldon).

In addition, this book emphasises that it is not only necessary for us to meet our customers’ needs; it is fundamental to our success that we go the extra mile, and surpass them. After all, “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” (Roger Staubach).