“Longing to Belong” by Mark Tierney and Filip Vandenbussche

Longing to Belong is the fascinating story of Peter De Caigny, more commonly known as Dom Mayeul, the founder of the first Benedictine Monastery in the Caribbean and Central America. It is a compelling, at times tragic, biography of a man; a human being with virtues and imperfections, who was first and foremost an “unwavering general” in the battles he fought for the Church and for the Benedictines.

Saddled with a headstrong personality and a lack of diplomacy, Peter De Caigny was a highly intelligent man with an analytical mind. His brilliance as a scholar is attested by the publication of several books and an unpublished three-volume work on his life – the basis for this biography.

Longing to Belong is an attempt to understand and explain his ambition and passion, as well as his actions.  De Caigny was a leader who took on challenges as they presented themselves, while his soul, his inner being, longed for solitude.

Authors: Mark Tierney and Filip Vandenbussche

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