“Me and My Gal” by the Lewis Family

“I thought it would be a good idea to write a story about my family. Because unless someone recorded some of the historical events soon, perhaps most of the information would never come to light, and the younger generation and those to come would forever be in a vacuum with regard to their ancestors and what life was like in Trinidad & Tobago, going back to the earlier 1900s.”
– Mervyn Lewis

This privately published autobiography of one of Trinidad’s most prominent businessmen, Mervyn Lewis, relays the captivating tale of his life, intertwined with that of his wife Marilyn, and their devotion to their many children and grandchildren. “Me and My Gal” is not only a heartwarming dedication to Lewis’ family, but it serves to provide insight into the business-world of Trinidad and Tobago, the history of the country, and the many changes that can occur throughout one’s lifetime.