“A Retrospective” by Ralph Baney

“After an absence of thirty years, Ralph Baney has returned from Elicott City, Maryland, USA, where he has established himself as a renowned sculptor, to show his retrospective in Trinidad, his place of birth.
In this collection, one traces the evolutionary journey of an artist whose early recordings of mundane life were displayed as intimations of loyalty to his own people, a personal heraldry of deep-rooted patriotism. His paintings were never high-toned in colour or hue, and his palette was a codified mutation of subdued values. His work was endowed with a rusticity that reflected the nature of the wooded country lanes and peasantry of Trinidad.
In exploring the gentle flow of the wood grain, Baney applies a painstaking effort to create a shapely form full of human drama, allusive to the domesticity and richness of life. The warmth, the alluring smoothness and refined contours are achieved by his craftmanship.” – Willie Chen