“The Boy from Tacarigua” by Garth Lyder

The extraordinary Captain Garth Lyder, D.F.C., was born on the 5th of January, 1914 at Tacarigua, a small village east of Port of Spain. Because of the early death of his father, his family experienced difficult times, particularly in the period between the wars. Garth Lyder, perhaps because of his circumstances, was a man possessed of great ambition. He was also a man who understood that the aeroplane would not be merely a significant part of the future but would indeed be decisive in altering world events. His love of flying from his teens brought him into a close association with Michael Cipriani, the aviation pioneer of Trinidad and Tobago. With the outbreak of the second World War, Garth Lyder, like many young men of his generation, felt called upon to serve, which he did with valour and distinction.

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