“The Guava Tree” by the Harford Family

Based on Interviews with family members of the Harford family, photographs and documents in their collection, and pieces of research done by them, this book compiles the knowledge about the history of the Harfords.

Starting in the emerald isle of Grenada, West Indies, the many anecdotes and memories in this publication trace a colourful picture of the Harford family up to the present. This book was produced to commemorate Freda Scott’s 90th birthday on the 12th of November, 2003. Freda is both the historian and the “raconteur” (storyteller) of this book, underpinning the whole family, whose vivid memories gave rise to the stories. She is the person who for several generations reconfirmed and refined the family legend of the Harfords, and this book is published with the sincere hope Harford descendants of the coming generations will continue that process.