“The History of ANSA McAL” by Gérard A. Besson

125 Years of Business in the Caribbean: 1881-2006
By Gerard A. Besson with a foreword by Bridget Brereton

This anniversary publication is inspired by the idea that at all times, there exists a correct future that is waiting, even attempting, to unfold. What makes a future correct is that it is in harmony with its evolving environment. From time to time, individuals emerge who possess the capacity to grasp this scheme of things and create a future of their own choosing, benefiting themselves and the environments in which they live.
The environments, decades apart, into which the three principals, who were to create the ANSA McAL Group of Companies, sought out and founded futures, were on each occasion enveloped in societal flux and economic change. These remarkable individuals were George Alston, Charles McEnearney and Anthony Sabga. They had seized the day.