“Electricity” by Michael Anthony and Roy Mitchell

By Michael Anthony and Roy Mitchell

That the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago today enjoys the distinction of being referred to as one of the most economically developed and industrialised nations of its size in the world is by no means due to coincidence or chance. Behind it all has been a revealing, interesting and intriguing sequence that can be attributed principally to the high levels of professional skills and expertise of its citizens in general and to those who have worked in the electricity supply sector in particular. They are the ones who have laboured over the years to bring about a phenomenal transformation from what had hitherto been a small and insignificant oil-fire electricity generating system, to what has now become one of the most sophisticated world class electricity supply systems, keeping pace with modern state-of-the-art engineering technology, and the application of no less a standard of computerised customer service and delivery systems.

The pages of this historical account of the electricity supply system in Trinidad and Tobago over the past 111 years (1895-2006) tell the story of the transition from multiple private sector ownership to total state control under one authority, the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission, and then back to private sector ownership, albeit in partnership to a somewhat limited degree with the state.

But in the midst of these unique stages of transition, the one common thread that underlined the development, growth and expansion of the sector has been the unflagging dedication, commitment, loyalty and ingenuity  of the management and staff of all the administrations in their time, and the selfless determination to overcome the numerous obstacles and impediments which stood in the way of the organisation’s unrelenting search for excellence in customer service delivery.

The story of the development and growth of the electricity supply sector in Trinidad and Tobago bears ample testimony to undoubted parallel growth that has taken place among all sectors of the national community, and is a fitting tribute to all who have contributed to the cause.