Annual Reports & Corporate Publishing

Whether digital / online or for print: 
We design and produce annual reports, magazines and newsletters for our corporate and institutional customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Digital Publishing work?
In-terms of planning a digital annual report or magazine/newsletter, it is similar to a printed version. We help you in planning your content, getting the right words and images together, and develop an attractive, eye-catching design. However, digital publishing has some great advantages: 1. Users can access your content on the go from their devices and share it with others. 2. Give more value to you advertisers by the use of interactive links embedded in their ads. 3. No more restrictions of low resolution images, page numbers and length of articles. 4 Cost effective and fast turn around. 5. Printing is always an option. Not to mention it's environmentally friendly.  
How much does it cost?
To price your digital publishing project, we would need the following specifications:
  • how many pages does your manuscript have
  • if you require photography
  • do you also require printed copies?
How long will it take?
Production time will definitely be faster than for printed projects, however, remember to leave yourself enough time for checking and proof-reading.